Mid-year update

How awful is that, a mid-year update. Well, for the moment, a good part of my life is on hold due to a close death in the family.

My research is on hold while I help my family with paperwork and the other inevitable logistics that come out of these things, but if you want a good snapshot of where my thinking was going as recently as April, Josh T Jordan at Tell Me Another just posted an interview with me conducted at that time with co-host PK Sullivan. Tell Me Another is a bi-weekly interview show featuring storytellers of all kinds, and I’m honored and delighted to have been asked to participate.

I also had a story accepted by Tiny Owl Workshop for Unfettered; I have no idea how my story will appear, which is part of the fun! I’m honored and humbled to be included in this project.

In a brief aside in this brief aside, there is a very small chance I might be going to New York City for a weekend later this month, but that relies on a lot of other variables, so there’s no word for sure on that.

Finally, I, like many others, am ill over yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling. The court confirmed today that the ruling covers all forms of birth control, even though Hobby Lobby itself only wanted to omit coverage for morning-after pills and IUDs. What a wonderful precedent. So in the spirit of civil dissent, I offer you Justice Ginsburg’s dissenting opinion.

Ginsburg Dissent by Abby Ohlheiser

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  1. Fred Herman says:

    Sympathies, Lois.