The Dreaded Lurgi

I have not been this sick for over a decade. I know this, because when I was last this sick I had no health insurance, lived in New Jersey, and had no friggin’ car. I am very grateful I now have both those things.

Not that anything can help this Moraviscian death-flu that I’ve got. It’s a flu. Or at least a very angry cold with boundary issues. And antibiotics won’t help that.

The biggest problem has been that it’s messed up my head. I forgot that this happened last time, too, maybe some kind of defensive measure my psyche enacted. But for a stretch of over 72 hours, nothing made sense. I left my mug of tea by the bathroom sink. Eggs in the pantry. We don’t live in a place where that’s a viable non-salmonella storage option. I’d drop conversations half-way because I forgot I was having them.

A perfectly good weekend that I really needed to get writing done and I could barely parse a sentence. I couldn’t even read for more than half an hour. And that doesn’t even address my screwed-up sleep schedule. I have no idea how I’m going to go to work tomorrow. As in, I’m not sure I’ll end up there after leaving the house tomorrow morning.

In better news, though, ReDeus: Native Lands is on sale! You can get it on Kindle, Nook, and paperback (for those of you in the Antipodes, Amazon US has pretty decent shipping costs). It features a stack of great short stories, one of which may be mine.

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