Academic writing

Is it me, or is it like some perverse wrestling sculpture event? It’s like cooking, or carpentry. There’s heavy lifting and assembly and then disassembly when you inevitably get a joist wrong. And there’s a lot of staring. And pressure. And waiting.

Scripts for me can grind, sure, but the grind is different, spooling too far too fast in a direction that I later realize doesn’t work. Lots of spooling. Tire smoke.

But this theory thinky stuff is a different thing, like trying to walk through gel. Pushing through. Stopping for a breather. Is it always like this? Does it loosen up the more you get used to it?

Or is it easier for some people? I can completely understand if it’s not the kind of thing I’ve got a knack for. I dunno.

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One Response to Academic writing

  1. Peter Blake says:

    For me the theory stuff and the writing stuff are both gel. One part of the brain broods on the field of study until it gives birth to a handful of insights. Another part dresses the insights in clothes of words so they are fit to be seen in public.