Back in print

Earlier this year, one of my friends from back in NYC invited me to contribute to an anthology for the ReDeus series, published by Crazy 8 Press. Briefly, the premise of the series is that the gods of yore have come back, and are quite ready to resume being worshipped as they once were.

Native Lands features stories set in the Americas, where political games and turf wars between the native gods and those claiming people with non-American ancestry complicate an already difficult situation. I chose to play around in Yucatán, offering an educator and architect a choice that could lead to her own demise. I wrote about this in more detail in a guest post on Crazy 8’s blog, but there’s something I didn’t touch on there that I’d like to mull over and talk about here in a day or so.

The reason I need the time is because I attended PaxAus this past weekend, something that I originally found problematic, but at the end felt a lot better about. …Man, my grammar bites tonight. Anyway. I want to talk a bit about what happened over this past weekend and why, though I may still have some misgivings, my feelings about the event are strongly positive.

But that’s for a night when I can actually put two words together without straining.

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